• One of my Personal experiences with a Arab Porn Site

    This post is going to be more of a review i'm not much of a porn watcher but this one just stumbled accross when i was "researching" for some stuff. I'm not going to play pretend here but this was one of best and well curated sites which had porn from many different regions. Including the ones like Malay and Indo. I was never aware i was attracted to Malay girls untill yesterday. Lol. People might say that watching porn is haram and doing porn is worse than haram but i don't believe it. Never is it ever written that watching porn is bad this is something that was told to us. I'm strictly against people telling me what can a true muslim can and cannot do. Anyway this site had some of the finest porn videos i was shocked to see the variety. The quality too was top grade. They have everything from amature to hardcore. From stupid horny couples recording to professional studios. 

    One of my favourite videos was a Lebanese video where the girl who is very cute btw just nibbles on the dick that it looks really amazing. The volume of these videos is also quite surprising. Every video is well placed and has a really good description which tells exactly whats going on in the video. I also like the fact that they had encompassed a lot of fetishes the usual ones like cuckoldry was already there but some of them were really niche categories and i really enjoyed seeing some of my innate fetishes being enacted by arab girls. 

    Site:  http://mothira.com

    Virdict: 9/10

    It could use a bit more volume of videos but other than that this was one of the best experiences maybe i'm just biased since im a muslim myself and love hijab and niqab sex. 

  • Nusrat Jahan Rafi Killed by principle for reporting sexual assault

    This is one of these horrific news stories which just makes question if humanity is still alive. In bangladesh the principle of a well known Madrassa school happens to also be a pervert who leers and molests his students on a daily basis. Untill recently he has assaulted undreds of girls and women associated with his school. It was revealed this pervert also raped and harrased countless women and no one dared to report him because of his connections with the local Islamic extremist group Jamat e islami. The fact that these extremist fundamentalist groups are supporting a literal rapist isn't a shocker since these are the same people who are engaging in slave trade in syria. Do note that the only reason why she even got justice after her death is because of the public outroar by the moderates and rationalists. The fundamentalists were buzy defending the rapist principle. Nusrat Jahan Rafi was a young girl who had dreams and ambitions she wore hijab to her school every day and was a practicing muslim. If this piece of clothing cannot protect our girls then what will?

    Here's the harsh truth. No piece of clothing is going to protect women. The only thing that is going to help stop this mess is for people to stop being so god damn thirsty all the time. Its not the problem of a woman that you are being thirsty. It is your problem. Stop acting like a savage animal and learn to adjust in a modern society. Just to make things even worse this was a madrassa school. Parents need gain some brains and stop sending their kids to brainwashing zoos inhabitted by extremists and fundamentalists who will rape and murder your daughters.

  • The plight of Bangladesh Bloggers and Intellectuals

    In 2017 there were many riots across Bangladesh mostly carried out by the countrys most religious political party called Jammat-e-islami. For context here this was the same party which was against bangladesh for having their own country and wanted to co-exist with pakistan despite having no similiarities culturally, lingustically and my any other metric. Add to that the matter of the fact was the bengalis were being heavily discriminated against. Before 1971 bengalis were forbidden from participating in international cricket because according to the pakistani cricket board bengalis were short highted and where racially incompetant for playing at international level. The funny thing about this is that in 2019 the bangladesh cricket team beat the pakistani cricket team in score. 

    Now that we know what kinds of racist scum Jammat e Islami loves let us try to analyze why they do it. There are a few theories but the main theory that has been agreed upon by the bengali intellectuals is that Jammat e Islami is a political party that still exists in pakistan. It is suspected that the bangla party takes orders directly from their pakistani masters like loyal dogs. All of this despite the fact that Pakistan engaged in systematic genocide of the bengali people in which over 3 million died and 300,000 were sexually abused. This probably helps paint a picture of how awful the people of this party really are.

    These political parties do not like it when anyone criticizes religion, well "don't like" is probably an understatement concidering the fact that they murdered many bloggers for simply expresing their views online. One day hopefully the entire world can look at these pakistani lapdogs and shun them completely.

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